While printing drafts of the photographs for "Domestic Mysteries IV", I noticed that they were composed of tiny dots reminiscent of Ben Day Dots. I had been looking for ways to release the energy inherent in the grid and this seemed to fit the bill. I photographed and re-photographed the drafts and then began a gentle manipulation – mostly cropping and enhancing the contrast – to further reveal the essential nature of the energy that I had managed to capture in the grid. Sometimes I added an element to the visual field – a line, a wedge, a block – whose solidity served to counter the effervescence of the dots. The result is a series of images that quietly animate and energize the space they occupy, with a presence that belies their modest size.



48" x 48"

Type-C prints on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper, mounted on 3/8" MDF


48" x 48" 

Digital prints on aluminum Dibond



48" x 48"

Dye sublimation prints on aluminum


The impulse to frugality and sustainability manifests in my studio practice, whether it’s using found and re-purposed objects, or recycling paintings and drawings. This make|do attitude, coupled with a fascination with how chance can reveal unexpected relationships, informs the challenge I set for myself in "Phoenix Rising": giving new life to old work. First, I removed the canvas from the stretcher bars of several small paintings. Then, I cut them into pieces, mostly squares. The fun was finding relationships between disparate pieces and configuring these into a single new piece.

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